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Unique DVD Banner Making your product stand out from the crowd can often be difficult. At Multi Media Replication we believe we can give you that edge by providing you a product to the highest standards. We are able create that professional look through your artwork, give your product that added value with extra features using our mastering service and for that extra touch we can personalise your product for each customer with our Unique CD and Unique DVD Services.

Multi Media Replication has been operating Unique CD and Unique DVD services for several years. This service is made up of 2 components, with the option to utilise either 1 or both components. If you decide to combine this service with our On Demand options, you will have the option to regularly receive personalised products using the same or new personalised data.

Personalise Your Artwork

Creating personalised artwork, either for your packaging or your on body disc print to instantly catch your customer's eye.

We can create, amend or receive a completed artwork templates along with a simple text file with the necessary data, such as your customer's names. Our automated systems will then merge and create your artwork to your exact specifications while maintaining our high standards. The completed product is then sent directly to you or why not take advantage of our mailing solutions and have your product sent directly to your customers.

Personalise Your Data

This service involves the production of CDs or DVDs, each containing a unique set of data.

Our Unique CD and DVD clients are able to supply us with a large hard drive containing a sprawling data set, together with a simple text order file. Our reliable in-house developed Unique CD and DVD system then automates the process of compiling and duplicating the discs to the individual requirements of each of their customers.