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Despite the continually advancing technology, Multi Media Replication has not forgotten its roots. We continue to offer support and duplication on a wide range of "obsolete" technologies, these commonly include;
Please contact us concerning any other type of media format to see how we can help you.

Floppy Discs Duplication

Our duplication service is second to none, with years of experience built over 17 years working within the industry.

Floppies are checked and then placed into production. We offer a simple black and white label and full colour laser printing options, with a variety of packaging options, including mailers, bags, jewel cases and more.

VHS Video Duplication

While this is not a recommended technology, we will still provide you with the highest standards of advice and support. With VHS players still commonly found in households today, this is an ideal option for those who do not have a DVD player. When considering the use of this service, take time to consider converting your VHS Videos to DVDs as part of our mastering service.

Audio Cassette Duplication

It has been over thirty years since the cassette tape was introduced, yet it still manages to provide affordable cost, simple operation, playback versatility, portability and home recording capability.

Multi Media have been providing audio cassette duplication since its establishment 17 years ago. The services provided are firmly focused on the customer's needs, which can vary considerably depending upon the intended use of the finished product. This customer focus means that we can accept masters in most formats, the usual being DAT or CD-recordable discs.

Customers for cassette duplication services enjoy the benefits of DLB 3000, a digital loop bin technology which allows very high speed duplication with no loss of quality. With DLB 3000, the last tape produced sounds as good as the first, whatever the quantity produced.

We can accept masters in most formats, the usual being DAT or CD-recordable discs. Specifications vary depending on the customer's requirements for a particular assignment. A comprehensive range of cassette specification sheets are available, plus expert advice and assistance - all designed to ensure that our customers meet their expectations in terms of quality, quantity, timing and budget.