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What Is Authoring?

The process of authoring will be different for data, audio and video projects. Authoring is the process of creating and organising your source data into a format that can be read by your target media player; this may include CD players, DVD players or computers.

Multi Media Replication is about so much more than offering support. We want to add value to your project. Our authoring service offers you the experience and technical know-how that we have obtained over 17 years of media duplication providing you with a professional quality authoring and encoding service.

The majority of authoring features can dramatically increase the perceived value and professionalism of your product or information distribution. We can and have gone further, creating bespoke applications for previewing and launching documents within a branded graphical interface. All of this is available from our in-house authoring team, which means we can keep costs low and pass on highly competitive prices.


Over the years we have done a large number of audio projects from local rock bands to large established choirs. We have the resources and technical know how to create a product that will sell.
  • Audio editing software, mainly used for cleaning up distorted sound tracks or making edits to tracks on Audio CDs
  • Extensive compression options for exporting high-quality audio and video for various formats, including web (mp4, wmv, mov, mpg) and ipod (mp4) and mobile phones (typically mp4)
  • Audio compression and surround sound software can take your tracks and produce a Dolby Digital surround sound audio track. Can also be used for simple stereo compression
  • Incorporate ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) codes into your audio CDs


Working with CDs and DVDs we have become heavily involved with audio and videos projects. As such we have allotted much of our resources into research and obtaining facilities for audio and video production. Because we have in-house facilities we can offer highly competitive rates.

We are able to handle almost any standard video format, including miniDV, DV, DVCAM, Betacam, Beta SP, DigiBeta and even VHS, all in both PAL and NTSC standards. We can also capture from DVDs that have already been authored and output an entirely new disc with any updates you may require.

Our in-house facilities allow us to give your product added value including;
  • Titling software for producing screens with image and text animation with various complexity
  • Digital video deck for capture of various digital tape formats and format conversions (e.g. miniDV to DVCAM)
  • Professional DVD Authoring and DVD-Menu graphics software for producing fully interactive menus from your design or from scratch using your assets and basic instructions
  • DLT Drive for making DVD-9 masters ready for replication. It is highly recommended that DLT tapes be used for DVD-9 rather than a dual-layer DVD-R. DLT tape is also needed for CSS protected DVD-videos

CD-ROM, DVD-ROM & Flash Memory

Our authoring services for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and Flash Memory is where we can be the most creative with the ability to create a complete bespoke environment.

Some of our more popular features that will add value to your project:
  • Autorun your key document or application upon inserting of the disc
  • Construct a hybrid disc to show only PC files to PC users and only Mac files to Mac users
  • Change the standard Windows CD-ROM icon to display your company's logo in your customers' operating system
  • Fully interactive menus from your design or from scratch using your assets and basic instructions for easy navigation of your documents
  • A range of copy protection options to safe guard your data