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TrusCont Copy Protection is now available for;
  • Duplication of DVD-R
  • Blank Bulk Protected DVD-R
  • USB Flash Drives with the option of pre-loading
  • NEW Replicated DVD-ROMs. Create a gold master using the Protection Toolkit and produce thousands of copy protected DVDs with high-quality CMYK process print*
TrusCont DVD-R protected media contains proprietary information that makes the disc copy protectable which includes support for program files and PDF documents.

The TrusCont DVD-R Protection Toolkit which is a free download is the easy to use software which allows you to select which files to protect, including copy protection and encryption options using TrusCont Copy Protected DVD-R media.

We can supply you with blank TrusCont DVD-R protected media. TrusCont DVD-R protected media is ideal for customers who wish to produce;
  • Low volume productions
  • Copies of beta data
  • Press releases
  • Secure back ups

We can also produce bulk DVD-R copy protected media with preloaded data while taking advantage of our printing and packaging solutions.

* Please note that replicated Truscont DVDs involve a longer production timescale. Allow 12-15 working days for delivery.

Click here to find out more information on TrustCont products at www.truscont.co.uk

TrusCont DVD-R Protection Toolkit Software
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