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Secur CD-R & SecuROM

Secur CD-R and SecuROM are technologies both developed by Sony DADC and utilise the same security features. Secur CD-R is available for duplicated CD-R, while SecurROM can protect your replicated CD-ROM and replicated DVD-ROM.

Secur CD-R and SecuROM take advantage of two critical features; Unique Uncopyable Electronic Keycode and Authentication Mechanism.

Unique Uncopyable Electronic Keycode
A unique uncopyable electronic keycode is included during the glass mastering process and placed on to each CD-ROM or DVD-ROM during replication. This keycode is fully embedded within the data giving maximum compatibility while not disrupting the overall presentation of the software to the end-user.

Authentication Mechanism
Authentication of the embedded keycode within the data is required. If the keycode is verified, the software unlocks the encrypted data; otherwise your data will remain locked. The process is completely transparent to the end-user and they will not be aware of the process taking place.