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Illegal piracy is increasingly becoming a problem for a large number of individuals and organisations who want to be able to effectively protect their assets. Multi Media Replication prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of advanced data security options to meet a wide range of requirements which includes copy protection and encryption.
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What is the difference between Copy Protection and Encryption?

Copy Protection

Copy protection sometimes referred to as copy prevention, copy restriction or content protection is the unrestricted access to the data while inhibiting the ability to copy the data.

The majority of the solutions we provide are completely transparent to the end-user, meaning they will not be aware of underlying protection. The benefit of this option is the capability to protect the distribution of your data and therefore your profits.


Encryption only allows authorised users to access your data which is usually controlled by a personalised password. On successful entry of the password, the user will then have access to the data. Some of our encryption security options also include copy protection.

The advantage of this option allows you to store important data safe in the knowledge in the event of loss or theft of your media, the data will remain private and secure.
We offer a wide range of security options for CD, DVD, USB Flash Drives and Solid State Drives, all with their own features and benefits to meet a wide range of requirements. Please feel free to contact us for advice on which option is best for you taking into account your media type, quantity, distribution channels and budget.

Copy Protection

Copy protection for CD & DVD duplication

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Copy protection for CD & DVD replication


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Copy protection-enabled blank recordable media

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