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CD & DVD Replication

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Duplication is typically used for projects involving under 500 CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray or where a quick turn around is required

CD Duplication, DVD Duplication and Blu-ray Duplication is a highly flexible method of copying that is ideal for a project with a looming deadline. Duplication uses pre-manufactured blank CD, DVD or Blu-ray media to copy your data. This means low setup costs but higher costs for each unit.

► Technology of DVD and CD Duplication


Replication is typically used for projects involving more than 500 CDs or DVDs

CD Replication, DVD Replication and Blu-ray Replication offers you the highest quality and the most robust method for CD, DVD and Blu-ray copying. It is a large scale manufacturing process where a disc is specifically created for your data. High setup costs and low unit costs make it ideal for copying in large quantities.

► Technology of DVD and CD Replication

CD & DVD Formats

Available for Duplication

  • CD-R
  • DVD-R
  • DVD+R
  • Dual Layer DVD (DVD-R)
  • Double Layer DVD (DVD+R)
  • Blu-ray (BD-R) 25GB

Available for Replication

  • Data CD (Yellow Book)
  • Audio CD (Red Book)
  • Mini-CD (8cm)
  • DVD-5
  • DVD-9
  • DVD-10
  • Blu-ray (BD) 25GB
  • Dual Layer Blu-ray (BD) 50GB

Print Options

A great quality print gives your product a feeling of professionalism and value. Our standards are high and we endeavour to ensure that every disc we produce rises to meet them. We even have an ISO 9001 certification to prove it! The options available to you depend upon your choice of either replication or duplication:

Black Thermal Print

Sometimes simple is the key. Our thermal printing service is ideal for adding purely descriptive text to a disc. Large or complex graphics should not be attempted using thermal print.

PLEASE NOTE: Screen Print, Offset Print, and Pantone spot colours can also be used for duplicated CDs and DVDs. However, since these are factory processes with long setup times, you lose the benefit of flexibility.

Spot Colors

Pantone spot colour system
Pantone colours are brilliant for producing bold solid colours for simple graphics and text.

CMYK Process Printing

Screen Print (68lpi resolution)
Offset Print (132lpi resolution)
CMYK offset printing is perfect for reproducing a detailed image or photograph on the CD, DVD or Blu-ray. Screen Printing offers a lower-resolution option for jobs where print quality is secondary to the message of your product.

Colour Inkjet Printing

Standard Inkjet Printed disc
Inkjet technology is ever-improving and the current generation of printers that we utilise offer superb sharpness and colour definition that is close to matching the quality of CMYK offset. Printable on white base or on silver base, which gives colours a metallic/iridescent quality.

Taiyo Yuden's Watershield
All the benefits of the standard inkjet print but on glossy CD or DVD media that resists some of the durability problems of inkjet printing - primarily ink running when splashed with liquid.

Packaging Options

Jewel Case Example Finish off your project with some eye-catching packaging that makes you stand out from the crowd. Our basic options are available for both duplicated and replicated jobs - DVD cases with full colour printed covers, CD jewel cases with printed booklet, rear and spines, or a simple see-through plastic wallet to show off the on-disc print.

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