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CD Replication, DVD Replication and Blu-ray Replication is the technology used to produce large quantities from your original data and is the process of manufacturing commercial media.

The technology of replication transfers a physical image which is known as a "glass master" this then in turn produces a stamper; used for injection moulding of the information onto foil. For DVD-9, this is repeated for the two layers which are then moulded together.

The technology of replication
is used to produce large
quantities of CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray
The mastered information is then protected by layers of polycarbonate plastic and finally packaged into your chosen method (i.e. Jewel case, DVD case, etc.).

The end result is a more durable disc. After the discs are put together we can apply high quality print in either pantone spot or CMYK colours. Due to the unique method of printing directly on polycarbonate discs there is a maximum of 6 colours e.g. white base plus CMYK (5 colours).