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8cm CDs and DVDs

Alongside the standard CD and DVD media used for the majority of work for our customers we offer more specialised options, the simplest of which is the 8cm CD and now the 8cm DVD.

Perfect for promotional work, the discs have a reduced capacity but are handily pocket-sized and present a different view from the standard option, allowing your product to stand out from the crowd.

Presently we offer 8cm disc options for CD and DVD pressing along with 8cm CD-R and DVD-R duplication. Please enquire if you would like samples or details on data capacities.

Business Card CDs

Alongside the standard CD duplication that makes up the majority of work for our customers we offer more specialised options.

CD Business Cards take the tried-and-tested Business Card format and allow you to add information to the disc, viewable on a computer, such as a company flash or powerpoint presentation. Potential clients, partners and investors will be drawn in by a closer association with your company.

We currently offer glass mastered, pressed and screen printed CD Business Cards. Please enquire for samples and data capacities. Our minimum order for Business Card CDs is 500 units. Currently we do not offer DVD Business Cards.

Special Promotional Items

Dare to stand out from the crowd even more with our range of special promotional CDs and DVDs. We offer coloured discs in any colour of the rainbow, retro vinyl-style CDs and scratch-and-sniff discs to imprint your message on your audience's nostrils as well as their eyes.

We can also offer you a custom disc-cutting service whereby your disc can be cut to almost any shape. The end result is a fully functioning CD that will give you an edge over your competitors. Please note that these non-standard discs may not function in all CD and DVD Drives.
Example of a Sniff Disc