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Thermal Print Example Black Thermal Printing offers a single colour black print for simple labeling of your discs. Thermal printing can be used in conjunction with pre-screen printed recordable discs to provide personalisation on each separate disc. Thermal print available on silver or white base for CD-R, DVD-R and DVD+R.
Inkjet Print Example Inkjet Printing gives a quick and simple route to full colour printing onto CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray. We use discs that have been manufactured especially for inkjet printing so no messy label stickers! CD-Rs, DVD-R and DVD+Rs are available with either a white or silver printing base. The silver base provides an iridescent appearance to the print.
Offset Print Example Offset Printing provides the highest resolution process print on CD, DVD and Blu-ray. Ideal for photographic images, offset printing offers 80 lines per centimeter (lpc) resolution on your media compared to 54 lpc for screen printing. Offset printing also involves CMYK process printing.
Screen Print Example Screen Printing offers a more detailed print, involving gradients or graphics with many varying shades and hues a screen print may be your best option. Screen printing involves CMYK process colours, which means that the colours are produced at the time of printing using tiny ink droplets. The resolution of screen printing is less than that of offset printing so for very detailed work the latter may be preferable.
Spot Colours Example Spot Colours which involves the application of solid colour inks to printable surfaces. These spot colours are mixed prior to the actual printing process so they are standardised and can be applied as a solid sheet of colour rather than droplets. A spot colour print is therefore bolder and more eye-catching than either screen or offset printing. Spot colours adhere to a prearranged colour system (Pantone PMS, for example) so this method of printing is ideal for matching the CD or DVD print to the rest of your corporate print material.