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Rocket DVD Prosumer

Rocket DVD Prosumer
  • Fully Automated DVD Creation & Production
    • Our intuitive interface enables you to setup and launch a DVD authoring and production job with a few mouse clicks.
  • Point & Click User Interface
    • The RocketDVD interface has the look and feel of a standard video deck including familiar controls such as; Start, Stop and Pause.
  • Real-time Video Capture
    • RocketDVD features a variety of real-time video encoders that support industry standard inputs.
  • Dolby AC3 Audio Encoding
    • You can select either Stereo AC3 or MPEG Audio for the audio encoding format.
  • Segment Encoding
    • Pause and restart the video capture as necessary and the system will automatically place a chapter marker at the beginning of the next video segment.
  • DVD Authoring Selections
    • You can choose to make a DVD with a menu, Once play DVD or a Continuous or Looped DVD format.

Online Catalog | Rocket DVD |  Rocket DVD Prosumer