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Altec USB Copystation 7

Altec USB Copystation 7
The Altec USB Copystation 7 is small, compact and the ideal solution for short run jobs.
  • Entry level solution for the duplication of data images to up to seven USB memory sticks simultaneously
  • In-house developed copy software with the same "look & feel" as all other altec CopyStations; user interface selectable for English or German; other languages are available on demand; compatible with Windows XP
  • Job Wizard to specify parameters for the copy job such as the image file name, number of copies and whether to verify after writing or not
  • Supplied with active USB 2.0 hi-speed hub*; compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 memory sticks
  • We strongly recommend that you only use USB memory sticks from international brand manufacturers such as SanDisk, Lexar or Transcend
  • CopyStation's transfer rate is more than 30 MB/s; copies seven USB 2.0 Sticks with 512 MB in less than 2 min. (speed depends on USB stick type and USB connection)
  • Software option for creating and copying smaller image files; with this, USB sticks where much less data is stored than the actual storage capacity permits can be programmed much quicker
  • Optional software interface for data exchange with external application to allow customization of individual USB sticks, e.g. serialization or data encryption
  • File Copy option to copy files from a specified directory to USB sticks, which are supported by Windows, instead of copying from an image file; the sub-directory structure (if present) is also copied

Online Catalog | USB & Memory Card Duplicators |  Altec USB Copystation 7