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Altec IQ Copystation

Altec IQ Copystation
  • Currently up to 2000 MBytes/s of transfer rate about all slots. The system has enough achievement reserves for future memory media. Limiting factor now and in future will be the memory media's transfer rates.
  • New innovative Copy on Insertion™ technology (available about Q1/Q2 2009); an inserted storage medium initiates the copy process automatically at once.
  • New and easy operational concept; users only need a very shorttime to familiarize themselves with IQ CopyStation which leads to high productivity.
  • Primary designed as stand alone system; allows autarkic image copies from inserted master memory medium on currently 20 slots for memory media.
  • Secondary host based operating mode via USB 2.0.
  • IQ PowerSoftware Lite und Basic for host based mode; the newest in-house developed copy software with the proven ease of use of the altec CopyStation software.
  • Optionally available for IQ PowerSoftware Basic are the options FileCopy, Serialization, ShortImage and WriteProtect.
  • The IQ PowerSoftware Basic is able to control up to 32 IQ Copy- Stations, you need the functionality of IQ2, IQ4, IQ8, IQ16 or IQ32 software for it.
  • A customization of copy modes in stand alone mode and of IQ PowerSoftware for host based mode as well as check routines for Flash memory cards are available on request.

Online Catalog | USB & Memory Card Duplicators |  Altec IQ Copystation